• B&S is a great company to work with! The turn around time is super fast and if you are looking for something new, they are always willing to work with you! The prices and selections they offer are unbeatable, too!–Elizabeth Copella, Keepsake Photography

  • Our studio has had the pleasure of working with B&S Picture Frames for over 18 years to help frame our clients most treasured memories. Their staff gives us the best personal service and understand our needs as a small business to keep up with the photography industry–Jeff Gonsar, Colleen & Co.

  • It is simple for us. Amazing frame selection, unbeatable customer service and great pricing sums B&S Frames up. Our customers love the variety of frames we offer from the simple and clean to ornate and classic. Thank you B&S for helping grow our business.–Ty & Shannon Fischer, Fischink Photography

  • We are so pleased that we became customers of B&S Frames. There are 4 reasons we stay with them; quality, variety, service and professionalism. We love the quality of their mouldings and their joins are tight and strong. The extensive variety that is available through B&S allows us to satisfy almost every customer. Their delivery time is second to none, usually within 2 days – and sometimes our frames arrive the next day. Finally, their professionalism and true desire to take care of us whenever we need something is a blessing. Thanks B&S Frames!–Rene & Joan Genest, Storytellers Photography

  • As our main frame supplier, B&S Frames has exceeded our expectations. The selection of mouldings is outstanding, turnaround time is very good, and their service is exceptional. We have been a customer for at least 10 years and highly recommend them to all our photography associates.–Bob DiCaprio, Images by Bob DiCaprio